Pete the Cat

Meet Pete, a lovable, lanky, blue cat with a brand new pair of sneakers in Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. Pete loves his new shoes and sings a song proclaiming this love. As Pete walks, he steps in a variety of colorful obstacles that change the color of his footwear. Pete is a mellow cat, unperturbed by his beloved sneakers changing colors. His song of love is repeated throughout the course of the book reflecting the current color of his shoes. The moral of Pete's story is to keep going no matter what the obstacle because as the cat says "it is all good."

"Pete the Cate" is a simple but fun color identification story. Toddlers will enjoy the recurring song and bright pictures while the pattern of the book allows older children to actively predict the future color of Pete's shoes. The book's colorful illustrations are humorous and lend to the mellow, hippie ideology of the story. If you enjoy the book and would like to see more of this mellow feline, Pete the Cat has been known to make appearances during Preschool Storytime at the Ann Arbor District Library.


For Pete's sake, this is a great book. The minute I heard it I knew my 3 year old niece would love it for the silly and the song. And sure enough, I read it to her once and she became instantly hooked. After a few reads she was able to retell the story herself, thanks to the repeating text and illustrations. She and her mom and siblings then sang the song for days, making up their own things to step in. I recently heard a rumour that a Pete The Cat plush is on order for the niece's upcoming birthday. :)

Side note: There is another Pete book coming out this summer!

After catching a glimpse of Pete the Cat singing and walking through the downtown on his way to storytime I ran to get his book and mailed it to my niece. She loves Pete's shoes, too.

Thanks for the head's up on the next book Manz!