Midnight Clear, a subtle Christmas film

Sometimes folks get really excited about watching holiday themed movies this time of year, while others cringe at the mere thought of them, and wish to throw all copies of It's a Wonderful Life out the window. I fall somewhere in between.

I watched Midnight Clear about a month ago, which was perfect. As the title suggests, it does involve Christmas, but I like to call it "Christmas lite," as it's not an in your face fa la la la la film. It is a movie, and it just happens to take place on Christmas. In the film, the lives of five individuals converge in the most meaningful way. A down and out gas station attendant, a recently fired homeless man, a woman with a brain damaged husband, a youth pastor, and a lonely senior citizen each find a spark from the same flame that brings hope. It's a heart warmer that makes you think deeper about how small things can make a big difference.