Eat This, Not That

'Tis the season for parties and food as we visit with family and friends! "Eater's Remorse" may begin to creep up as we find ourselves overindulging in delectable holiday treats!

Worrying about packing on the pounds through the holiday season doesn't have to put a damper on your holiday enjoyment! Instead of an expanding waistline you can acquire expanding knowledge that will help you make the best and healthiest food choices this season.

The authors of the Eat This, Not That! series have just released a new edition to help you fight an expanding holiday waistline. When you know how many calories, fats, and sugars certain foods contain before you eat them, you can stick to a diet throughout the holiday season. With more knowledge and control, you will be better prepared to enjoy your favorites while leaving the diet busters alone!


Awesome idea! Another good choice in holiday nutrition, is Holiday Cooking Around the World. It has low-fat and vegetarian recipes that even kids will like!

Why should anyone tell me what to eat?