Still Missing - A Disturbing Thriller

I am normally not a fan of reading the thriller genre, but this book lured me in. Still Missing is the disturbing story of Annie, a 30something realtor, who is abducted by her last visitor of the day at an open house. After a year of terror and isolation in a cabin with "The Freak", she is attempting to return to her former life. We, the readers, hear the gruesome details of her ordeal through Annie's voice and her sessions with a psychologist. The author, Chevy Stevens (this is her first novel), competently balances Annie's psychological struggle with her hideous past and her current status of victim/survivor. This book is a page-turner and a very quick read. After being completely creeped out by Annie's abduction story, I found myself confused and caught off guard by the novel's twist at the end.


This is one of the best thriller I read this year. Every woman's worst nightmare between these pages. Yes, the twist in the plot - fabulous and so unexpected. Another FFF!

Good reading material.