Thomas and the Dragon Queen

Local author and storyteller Shutta Crum has given a gift to librarians and children (and librarians who are still children!): a book filled with magic, scary sea monsters, baby dragons, knights, adventure, fantasy and a loving family. Thomas and the Dragon Queen is a book that you can hand to the early elementary reader with great confidence because it will happily hold their attention, but won't keep them up at night. Crum gives us a hero who is as big as a minute and as brave as a tiny squire can be. As Thomas journeys to rescue a princess, he discovers his unique strengths and encounters delightful surprises on the dragon queen’s island. Illustrator Lee Wildish enhances the tale with stark images of barren isles and playful pictures of loping dragonlets. Thomas and the Dragon Queen will make a rich and memorable read-aloud on a cozy winter night.