A Documentary... With John Cusack and Termites!

The Besieged Fortress is a close up look at life inside a termite colony. If you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel and animal documentaries, you may like this. The film features fabulous macro photography and camera angles deep inside a colony of termites. Being up close you see the rank divisions among the members, working below the king and queen. Their colony is threatened by fire, rain and other animals and insects, namely driver ants, thus battle ensues. It is quite dramatic and amazing to witness.

This documentary is an interesting look into the complex lives of an underrated insect species. The film is narrated by John Cusack (which is reason enough to check out), and there is plenty of dramatic music to fill you with suspense until a moment arises that deserves a self-narrated quip or two a la Mystery Science Theater 3000.