Alan Moore is well-known for his graphic novel epics such as Watchmen and From Hell, both of which have also been adapted into films. However, lately I have been reading Alan Moore’s Promethea – which has only recently been on my radar, even though it’s about ten years old now.

Promethea begins with the story of college student Sophie Bangs, who is seeking information about the literary goddess arch-type Promethea for a research paper. Sophie Bangs discovers more about Promethea than she bargained for and is literally transformed into the goddess – the newest incarnation of Promethea. Moore incorporates historical literature, occult symbolism, feminist themes, and references to the writings of Aleister Crowley, just to name a few. In combination with the gorgeous artwork, the series is very unique and beautiful. Rarely do I purchase books any longer since I check out most materials from the library, but Promethea is a collection I would love to own. Highly recommended.


I loved the artwork and symbolism also. The events in the "real world" were very interesting, but Promethea's journey along the paths of mysticism sometimes made my eyes glaze over the same way they used to glaze over in philosophy class. Moore's stories are always very adult (meaning high reading level (and also in terms of sex and violence)) and sometimes I think I'm not mature enough for them yet.