Is it just me? Or is it nuts out there?

Have you ever thought: Is it just me? Or is it nuts out there?

If so, Whoopi Goldberg’s new book Is it just me? is the perfect book for you!

Whoopi talks about how American Society has become more cavalier about what conduct we think is publicly acceptable, e.g. talking on cell phones in restaurants and church, wearing enough perfume to make others gag, and forgetting about boundaries by touching pregnant women’s bellies! This book is a funny and honest portrait of how new behaviors in our culture, such as talking during a film in a theater and replacing polite requests with insurmountable demands, are the new norm.

Whoopi also has advice on etiquette for little readers, in Whoopi's Big Book of Manners. In this book aimed at children aged 4 to 8 years old, Whoopi details common social graces, such as complementary words and words of gratitude, cleaning up after oneself, apologizing, table manners, and how to be a good sport.

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i didnt know she had a book