PreK Bits - Eggs

Egg Stories were hatched in Preschool Storytime by Ms. Rachel.
Kids heard how Flossie tricks the Fox in Flossie And The Fox and keeps her basket of eggs.
In Dora's Eggs Dora wants to show off her lovely eggs. All the other farm mothers must watch their own cute, cute babies. Now Dora's not sure her eggs are so nice. The Library does not own a copy to loan at this time, but you may borrow a copy through MelCat, aka interlibrary loan, an extension of AADL services.
You can cluck over more stories of important eggs as follows:
And Tango Makes Three, the true story of two male penguins who were given an orphan egg to hatch, and lovingly raised the baby penguin together.
Dimity Dumpty is the story of Humpty Dumpty's sister.
Sometimes things are Just Plain Fancy, even on Amish farms where folks live in honor of leading a simple life.
Zinnia And Dot bicker over who lays the loveliest eggs.
Hunwick's Egg is lovely, but what will it be when it hatches?
After roosting and reading these stories, be sure to check your nest for any new eggs.