Get craftilicious with Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing: the art of crochet and knit graffiti is one of my new favorite craft books. It chronicles the start and the phenomenon of yarn graffiti. You may have seen some knitted works hanging on trees and fences around Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. It is a form of street art, akin to graffiti with a paint can, only the tool of choice is knitted and crocheted pieces hung around town instead. “Yarn bombing can be political, it can be heart-warming, and it can be funny.”

The book is a definitive guide to the act of yarn graffiti. It is chock full of examples, photos, and patterns, and offers plenty of information on the history of yarn bombing, and on the individuals and groups who initiated it, including those who continue to tag. In addition to yarn graffiti, there is also plenty of reference on how to start knitting and crocheting, and offers instructions and resources to get you going with needle arts. I find the idea of craft and street art intertwining truly fascinating.


What a cool book. The first time I ever saw yarn graffiti was about a year ago walking around Cleveland. Little yarn-wrapped trees lining the street. It caught me totally off guard, but it was so fun to see! Definitely inspiring.

There's also gra-knitti (as I call it) on the fencing along the top of the Stadium Bridge (where they have the lanes narrowed down due to the structural issues).

My sense about those "Yarn Bombs" on the fence on the Stadium Bridge is that they were made to look like Band-Aids. As in, the repair work they did to the bridge was just that.

Ooh, I haven't seen the ones on Stadium. Band-Aids sounds cool though! Thanks for the info.


I've been wondering about those things on the Stadium Bridge. Interesting!