Follow the 2010 National Book Festival

Tomorrow marks the 10th Annual National Book Festival, which is taking place on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Now, you may be asking yourself just how you will be able to enjoy this festival all the way in Michigan. Well, book lovers rejoice! The Library of Congress is filling their website with photos, podcasts, videos, and more so you can enjoy the festival right here in the mitten.

Listen in booksbooksthrough podcasts. Not only will you be able to listen to talks, interviews, and lectures that will be happening throughout the day, you can browse podcasts from past years through 2007. Particularly interesting is the two-year series discussing the connection between music and the brain.

You can also watch videos from the current and past festivals through 2007, which include interviews, lectures, and comments from festival goers.

To take a look at what else is going on the fest tomorrow visit the National Book Festival page on the Library of Congress site.