Hooray for Scrabble!

Are you one of those people that can quickly list words that start with Q but don't require a U? Or perhaps you delight in the use of the word "loxodrome"? We look forward to seeing you at our Traverwood branch this evening for Michael Betzold's discussion of his book Bingo! The Secret to Scrabble Success. If you can't make this event, we have plenty of other Scrabble offerings here at the library. Check out Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in The World of Competitive Scrabble Players for a journalist's look into this quirky subculture. In a similar vein, we offer Word Wars: Tiles and Tribulations on The Scrabble Game Circuit on DVD. We also have copies of The Official Scrabble Word-Finder, The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, and The Official Scrabble Players Handbook for all of your gaming needs.



"Hooray" is worth 12 points.

How amazingly fun! Sad I missed it.

@manz be sure to read word nerd it's an excellent young teen novel that happens to feature scrabble - I loved it!

yay i love scrabble!

i love scrabble