Reading in Silence: Deaf Memoirs

This month's Library Journal magazine shares an idea that I'd like to share with you, our AADL blog readers. Check out the following titles for a glimpse inside the world of the deaf:
What's That Pig Outdoors? : A Memoir of Deafness, written by retired Chicago Sun-Times book editor Henry Kisor, recalls his life of reliance on lip-reading for communication (including his son's question "What's that big loud noise?" which he misread as "What's that pig outdoors?").
Hands of My Father : A Hearing Boy, His Deaf Parents, and The Language of Love, by Myron Uhlberg, recalls his experience growing up in 1940s Brooklyn, NY and the challenges he faced as translator for his family.
The Unheard : A Memoir of Deafness and Africa, written by Josh Swiller, describes his experience as a deaf Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia.
Winning Sounds Like This : A Season with the Women's Basketball Team at Gallaudet, the World's Only University for the Deaf follows the 1999-2000 Washington D.C. team, who define themselves as athletes first and deaf second, as they made history by defeating the country's top team.


Great post Darla! This is especially important right now in the library system as we take over the WLBPD services. These books will help provide a glimpse into the world of the hearing impaired.

It's kind of interesting the timing of it all. I just saw your blog post tonight and I just put a copy of "When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes: Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor" by Philip Zazove on Pittsfield's shelves of Friends books for sale this morning! I just searched the catalog and we also own it for those that wish to borrow it.

The timing of it all just struck me as interesting! Nice blog post, Darla!