Take a Hike @ Greenview Park

Greenview pkGreenview pk

Natural Area Preservation (City of Ann Arbor) staff will lead a walk through this 25-acre park located on Scio Church Road at Greenview. Greenview Park consists of an open field that was once a golf course. Efforts are being made to re-establish this area as a wildflower meadow.

Learn about native plants and trees, invasive plants, ecological restoration, responsible use of public lands and volunteer and recreational activities in Ann Arbor parks.

Take a Hike@Greenview | Monday, September 13 | 7:00-8:30 p.m. | Corner of Barnard and Greenview on the Greenview side of the street. Parking available along Greenview.Greenview pkGreenview pk


I'm disappointed this walk isn't set for daylight hours--it gets dark by 8p these days...

While the sun will be setting just before 8pm, there is still quite a bit of light for the next hour. It could be a beautiful night to walk through the park while the sun is setting!