DVD Genre Spotlight: Foreign Language Films- Icelandic

You can easily browse AADL’s collection of foreign language films in our World Language collection, either online or on the shelf. We have films in many languages, including Greek, Italian, Persian, Indonesian, and many more. Also included are some Icelandic films. It is SUCH a beautiful language to hear spoken. Here are a few to check out:

White Night Wedding: Set off the coast of Iceland on the island of Flatey, the film centers on Jón, a forty something professor who is set to marry a girl half his age. The film jumps from present day back to when he was with his first wife, and you witness her illness and the toll it takes on their relationship and his life. Jón owes his soon to be mother-in-law money from a golf course he’s invested in with a friend, and his best mate is in town for the wedding and is drunk and has lost one of his shoes. A funny and heartfelt film all around. (For music buffs, amiina has an appearance playing at a gig in the film.)

Astrópía: After losing her home, spouse and source of income when her handsome swindler of a boyfriend is sent to jail, high society girl Hildur must search for a job. She ends up working at a comic book store with an interesting group of guys and ends up learning more than she bargained for. This quirky film is live action, but features some segways that are comic book sequential style, and at times fantasy becomes reality as Hildur gets caught up in Role Playing Games with her new “friends.”

Nói: Seventeen year old Nói lives in the remote west fjords of Iceland. A drop-out and a wanderer, quirky and misunderstood, he longs to break free from the isolation and escape with the cute girl who works at the gas station. Winter on the fjord is a large blanket of snow, darkness, and depression. An eventual disaster strikes and the town is torn apart, which tears Nói apart even further. A melancholy, yet delightful and beautiful film, with a stellar (mainly vocal free) soundtrack by Slowblow.


Wow, these all look great. Manz, I love being able to count on you for all things Icelandic :)

i love foreign films, but i don't think i've seen an icelandic one, yet.