Have 5 Minutes to help TheRide develop a Transit Master Plan?


TheRide is developing a Transit Master Plan for Washtenaw County to set the direction for how the transit network will be developed over the next 10, 20 and 30 years. The plan will be monitored and adjusted periodically, and although it will focus on transit, it will also address alternative and complementary transportation modes such as walking and cycling.

Help inform the direction of the new Transit Master Plan by completing this questionnaire on your vision for transit across the county. You can also request an alternative format either by email at TransitMasterPlan@TheRide.org or by phone at 1-734-794-1880.

Read more about the questionnaire and the Master Plan process at movingyouforward.org and in this July 3 article from The Ann Arbor Chronicle.


I walk by preference and rely on the AATA bus for longer trips in town. We drive mostly to leave town, rather than to get around in town. Grocery shopping is the exception to that.

My first associate's degree came with a certificate in transportation and traffic management. My subsequent associate's and bachelor's were in criminal justice and criminology. Traffic laws are perhaps the paradigm of social control for the common good. You can arguably smoke marijuana in the privacy of your home without hurting anyone else, but there is no way to drive your car or ride your bike as a private act. It is perhaps impossible to have a traffic accident without at least one party breaking a law.

Yet, some cities in Europe are experimenting with taking out traffic control and there is no control at the Arc de Triomphe. So, sometimes, common sense, common courtesy, and acceptance of responsibility are enough.

All of that is to preface my claim that bicycles are vehicles and vehicles belong in the road. Sidewalks are for pedestrians.

That said, as a bus rider, I cringe for the safety of cyclists on the streets.

There is no easy solution. Marginalizing bicycles to the far right only pre-defines their conflicts with buses and delivery trucks in general and with cars turning right.

Signage, signals, and road markings can help and Ann Arbor has too little of it helpful to cyclists.