5th Annual LEGO® Contest Results!

LEGO TrophiesLEGO Trophies
Yesterday was our 5th annual LEGO® Contest and once again it was one of the highlights of the year! We had 173 entries from preschool age through Adults (this was just the first year they were invited so adults plan your projects for next summer!). This year we also debuted custom-made AADL LEGO® Trophies - complete with an AADL mini-fig! The trophies were made for us by The Original Brick Engraver, Tommy Armstrong. The lucky 1st place winners in each of the six age categories each received a trophy. The top three finishers in each category received gift cards to Target in the amounts of $35, $25 and $15 respectively. Ribbons were also given out in the special categories. The judges reserved the right to "switch-up" some of the categories where appropriate so you may notice a few different categories listed below. A special thanks to the judges, Eli Neiburger, AADL Associate Director of IT and Production & Amanda Sari Perez and Josh Valdes, both of All Hands Active an Ann Arbor Maker's community. Our "little" contest including a list of the winners' made the Ann Arbor Journal paper and online versions and was also picked up by the American Library Association's weekly news too. Congrats to all of the participants and without further ado please congratulate the winners (with photos of winning entries to follow soon):

1st Place - Hudhaifah Reman
Runner-Up - Willow Denomm
Honorable Mention - Elise Meints
Most Awesome Toilet - Ionie Steadle
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Maris Rhizal
Coolest Robot - Andrew VanderMolen
Best Vehicle - Kenneth Jiang
Most Creative - Stephanie Hadley
Most Sophisticated - Jameson Szumko
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Kayli Doom

1st Place - Simon Schafer-Klerkx
Runner-Up - Colin Finnegan
Honorable Mention - Alina Mankowski
Best Book-Inspired Project - Abigail VanderMolen
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Elvin Poskovic
Coolest Robot - Liam McLaughlin
Best Vehicle - Samantha Devaney
Most Creative - Andrew Young
Most Sophisticated - Nathan Yang
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Aidan Smith

1st Place - Casimir Mankowski
Runner-Up - Ben Birdsall
Honorable Mention - Tony Tian
Best Game-Inspired Project - Isaac Mangold
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Mark Bruey
Most Awesome Toilet - Celeste Forester
Best Vehicle - Gavin Nossol
Most Creative - Evan & Ella Markley
Most Sophisticated - Miles Aikens
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Sarah Remillard
Most Delicious - Stuart Dobson

1st Place - Victor Boyse-Peacor
Runner-Up - Alex Wochna
Honorable Mention - Lee Thompson-Kolan
Best Motorized Project - Alexander Przybylski Deatrick
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Andrew & Emma Alson
Coolest Robot - Ji Ho Hyun & Philip Rew
Best Vehicle - Matthew Remillard
Mose Creative - Noah Luntzlara
Most Sophisticated - Avi Covrigaru, Gabe Linderman, John & Aaron Crane
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Hebe Clarke

1st Place - Jordan Steiff
Runner-Up - John Behrendt
Honorable Mention - Peter Zieske
Best Motorized Project - Logan Benton
Best Vehicle - Patrick Weisener
Least Creative - Sam King
Most Sophisticated - Cameron McLaughlin
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Nick Lemerand

1st Place - Peter Alway
Runner-Up - Virginia Falk
Honorable Mention - LiLi
Best Vehicle - John Harris
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Leonard Blach

UPDATE Now with video:


Wow! This sounds so cool! I definitely want to enter next year!

I won coolest robot last year, although the prize isnt much.

Are the pics up yet?