PreK Bits - Harold's Purple Crayon

Ms. Rachel brought Harold's purple crayon to Storytime this week , and it told the story of Harold And The Purple Crayon.
Bring imagination home from the Library with books:
Bear's Picture, written by Daniel Pinkwater and illustrated by D.B. Johnson is on order for the Library. Watch for its' arrival.
Other stories:
Ish, a story of art and self-confidence
Danny’s Drawing Book , a story of imagination.
A Beach Tail, a story of drawing on the beach sand
The Pencil.
Create your own drawings with inspiration from Ed Emberley drawing books like:
Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book: Make a World
Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book.
Get your own purple crayon and DRAW on ------>


"Harold and the Purple Crayon" was an ALL TIME FAVORITE when I was younger! Every kid should this sometime in thier childhood!