8th Annual Teen Graffiti Art Contest Winners

graffiti 07 hot sun

Heat and humidity didn't prevent 28 painters participating in the Teen Graffiti Contest this year! The exhibit of all prints will be on display at the Downtown Library beginning July 27th and running through August 31st. An interesting array of styles and subjects, with everything from planets, landscapes, and free form, to a 'heart of pi'. Thanks to Curtis Sullivan, from the Vault of Midnight for judging this year!

1st Place - Andy Wu - title: Eclipse
2nd Place - Mina & Nika Hirzel - title: Snowstorm Zilla
3rd Place - Jacob Saalberg - title: Street Battle (Unseen)
Honorable Mention - Lillian Xie - title: Heart
Honorable Mention - Patrick Wan - title: 'PAT'


This is a great event. Any chance the art will be photographed and posted for all to see on the aadl website as it was in previous years? Thanks. Signed, a mom who wants to share the art with grandma

The art pieces are up for all to see (and share)! Thanks for your patience.
Thanks for supporting this contest and appreciating the teens who continually create spontaneous, playful,
and appreciated art.
V. Browne/Teen Librarian

This is a great event.