Summer: Pseudoscience


Many of us are fascinated by aliens, Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, fortune telling, ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Summer and your front porch swing seem like the best combination to indulge in this guilty pleasure.

Plato probably didn't know he started a legend and an industry about Atlantis in The Dialogues Of Plato when he wrote "There was an island opposite the strait which you call the Pillars of Hercules, an island larger than Libya and Asia combined..." Gateway to Atlantis is an interesting account that somehow makes the case for Atlantis being located in the Caribbean, most likely Cuba. No matter, Andrew Collins writes an entertaining book with some wonderful illustrations. The same may be said for Imagining Atlantis which really is a fascinating historical and archaeological detective story.

Bizarre Beliefs allows you to cover UFOs, crop circles, Nostradamus, ghosts, Tutankhamun and more all in one book! Ancient Mysteries is another compendium covering Stonehenge, the Sphinx, the Somerset Zodiac, Easter Island, Druids and Schliemann's Treasure.

Finally, Loch Ness Monsters and Raining Frogs claims to solve various mysteries such as who killed Marilyn Monroe, does Bigfoot exist, what really makes crop circles and why it rains frogs.


I have my fingers crossed for UFO Full Disclosure 2012!