Family Archiving Dos and Don'ts

Tuesday September 19, 2017: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm -- Westgate Branch: West Side Room

Patty Maher Hoffman of Priceless Preservation of Ann Arbor returns to AADL to offers tips to navigating the confusing world of preserving family photos, movies, and slides.

Among other things, you'll learn what digital formats to avoid, how commonly used scrapbooking items actually put your items in danger, and how to digitize your legacy media properly. Participants are encouraged to bring mementos for personal evaluations and consultations.

Patty Maher Hoffman was born in Detroit and raised in Tawas City, Michigan. She is a graduate of Central Michigan University where she majored in Journalism and Political Science and minored in Fine Art. She worked as a daily newspaper reporter for 12 years, most recently at the Ann Arbor News where she covered K-12 Education. Prior to that she worked in Battle Creek Michigan as a county government and City Hall reporter as well as Huntington, West Virginia where she covered the "night cops" beat.

Like the founder of Priceless Preservation, her husband, Rob, Patty believes that preserving our family history is a natural extension of the storytelling work of journalism. She and Rob approach each project with two criteria in mind: What's the best way to tell this story? and What's the best way to make sure this story is preserved for future generations of this family?

This event is cosponsored by Priceless Preservation. This Ann Arbor-based company's mission is to help you preserve your collection with thoughtfulness, creativity and cost efficiency.


Great skill to learn

Great skill to learn

I can't wait for this event

I can't wait for this event -- thanks for offering it, AADL!!

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Thank you!

Thank you AADL for presenting so many diverse events! This one sounds fascinating.

Preserving one's photos is so

Preserving one's photos is so intimidating. This should help!

Family archiving class - 9/19

I'd like to attend. How do I sign up?

Great idea

What a great skill to learn to keep family treasures for future generations.

Will This Event Be Filmed?

Hi! Just wondering if this event will be filmed.