Kid Bits - H is for home and Henkes

Ms. Rachel had "H" and "h" in her letter box today in Preschool Storytime.
There were stories from "around the house".
We featured Kevin Henkes from the "H" section of picture books in the Library.

The Napping House is a dozy read about napping on a raining day.
ONCE AROUND THE BLOCK is a story by Kevin Henkes that is long out-of-print, and difficult to find. The story follows Beatrice on a walk around the block, "to make time go more quickly" while waiting for Daddy to get home.
Other story favorites by Henkes are as follows:
Chrysanthemum a story about self-esteem and names.
Julius, The Baby Of The World, a story about Lily's new baby brother.
Owen is ready for school but he does not want to give up his favorite blanket.
Henkes is pitch-perfect on identifying young children's feelings and providing solutions.
Choose even more Henkes stories from the web catalog.