#38 Ann Arbor Stories: Top 10 Astronauts

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July 20, 2017


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There are enough amazing Ann Arbor astronauts to create a top 10 list, so that's what we did. Men with righter than right stuff, pilots and scientists and world record holders who broke the outer limits of the atmosphere, touched the stars and zoomed around the surface of the moon on a frickin' lunar rover. Who's your favorite?

Parental advisory: This episode contains references to death, more death (we're not psyched about this) and the film Apollo 13.

Music by FAWNN.

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Summer game

The hints are weird. Out of order. Doubled.


So, I love Ann Arbor Stories. I've really learned a lot and enjoyed listening.

But this astronaut story got two things not quite right. It was 398 first day covers, not postcards, that were taken into space on the Apollo 15 mission. Yeah, I used to collect stamps -- so what?! Secondly, the first part of Jack Lousma's last name rhymes with how, not who.

So Many Astronauts!

Even knowing about the University of Michigan connection, I was surprised to find that so many astronauts had Ann Arbor connections. This is a fun countdown and a neat way to learn a little more not only about some famous Ann Arborites but also the U.S. space program in general. Well done, as ever!


cool space story


This Ann Arbor stories series is great!


The introduction about reasons why so many astronauts have Ann Arbor connections was very informative. I didn't realize that UM was so heavily involved in the history of the space program. Thanks!