City Hall Closed Monday, July 5th

compost cartcompost cart

In observance of the Independence Day holiday, all City Hall offices will be closed on Monday, July 5th. Trash, recycling and compost service will NOT be affected so put your stuff out on your regularly-scheduled trash day. And remember, July 5th is the start of the Single-stream Recycling Program. More stuff into the recycle bin, less stuff in the landfills. Yeah!


Has anyone received their new recycling bin yet?

"New, free recycling carts will be delivered to each residence over a 6-8 week period in July-August 2010 with approximately 1000 carts/day delivered along neighborhood routes. Businesses will be able to place all materials to be recycled in their current recycling carts and “papers only” recycling dumpsters. Apartment complexes will receive new or refurbished carts, depending on the age of the current containers."

Sounds like it will just show up one day, like gifts on Christmas morning.

I recall reading more about this when it was first being talked about. That they were dispersing them by neighborhood. I want to say they were starting with Westside locales. But I can't dig up the old article, and of course things may have changed.