#36 Ann Arbor Stories: Housewife Flies Around the World

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July 6, 2017


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The woman the papers called "the pretty Michigan housewife" had never left the United States before planning her 1967 flight around the world. Not in a modern jet, but in a 30-year-old plane that had 14 previous owners, one crash landing, and most recently was set ablaze for firefighting practice.

This was the plane 30-year-old Ann Pellegreno used to fly around the world, following the path charted by Amelia Earhart 30 years before. This is the story of the amazing Ann Pellegreno and her flight around the world.

Music by Stepdad.

This episode is part of the 2017 AADL Summer Game. There are sound effects in this episode that offer clues to questions on the AADL Summer Game site. Get the questions right and earn points and a special badge in the Summer Game.

Learn more about Ann Pellegreno's flight around the world in the AADL archives.

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Cool Story

What a cool story! I especially liked the music, as it has a definite sense of movement to it that is appropriate with the subject matter. I admire Ann Pellegreno's courage; even in 1967 (or today), such a feat is a daunting prospect.!

Loved this story!

Great coverage of Ann Pellegreno. I always learn so much about local history through Ann Arbor stories. For me, the music made it harder to concentrate on the story...


The live show at Literati is Monday the 10th (not 12th). Hope to see everyone there!

Great story

Such a fun historical story! I'm having a hard time with the last clue though for the summer games. I feel like I've tried everything. Anyone care to give me another hint?

help with 3rd clue

chelseagarret, I had a really hard time with the third clue also. You have to spell out the month and then spell the number and add a "th" to the end of the number (I did not originally hear the "th").

Thank you!

Thank you for featuring empowered women in these stories!


That really helped

Great Story

Great story, thanks for sharing. Great way to learn history of the Ann Arbor area.


this story is great. the music in the background is awesome


I am really fascinated by these local stories! Thanks, AADL!

If you cannot hear the date

If you cannot hear the date for the third code, Google may be of help. Do format your answer per the comment above.

- HERE949

If you cannot hear the date

If you cannot hear the date for the third code, Google may be of help. Do format your answer per the comment above.

- HERE949

great story

I've read lots of articles about Amelia Earhart, but I had no idea that the first women to successfully fly around the world was from this area. I was touched by how Anne and her crew honored Earhart.