Cynical Tabby

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of Garfield's first comic strip, which debuted in 1978 in over 40 newspapers.

Created by Jim Davis and named after his grandfather, Garfield held the Guinness World Record for the world's most widely syndicated comic.

While I was never into comics as a kid, I remember, quite fondly, watching the Garfield and Friends animated television series. However, nowadays, I know that kids are really into graphic novels, and so our collection of Garfield graphic novels will probably be more of a hit than that show from the 90s.

Either way, you can sit down, enjoy some lasagna, and have a good time.


Sticking with just the graphic novels, you'll miss out on all the fun that was the "Friends" part of the television show: U.S. Acres! From the Wikipedia entry:

"Orson: A friendly Pig whose favorite pastime is reading books and imagining himself into many scenarios, à la Walter Mitty. Orson also has two missions set before him: get Roy to do the right thing and get Wade to be brave."

I think I remember finding Orson and his farm animal buddies' exploits a lot more exciting than Garfield and Odie's.

Casual Tim, I'm with you. I liked US Acres much more than the Garfield part of the show. I especially liked Wade the duck, wandering around wearing his little inner tube. Pure genius.


It blows my mind that something I was obsessed with in 3rd grade is STILL popular today! I have to laugh because I had a love of Garfield, but never wanted to emulate him, well I learned that some children act rude, treat their siblings like Odie and pretend to like lasagna to excess :) You never know!

i love garfield!