Transformation: Mixed Media by Rich Moizio

Now through August 31, 2017 -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room Exhibit

Rich Moizio sees the world in its most basic elements and also experiences music in a very visual way.

Rhythm resembles pattern, shape, movement, and can create space and tension while pitch can be seen as relating color, value, and line. This is how he observes, breaks down, understands and digests music of all kinds.

The main focus of his work is to transform and transfer aural ideas inspired from music to the visual domain by using the simplest of geometric forms, space, and color. He also likes to work with basic materials such as wood, water-based paints, dyes, and wire. Compositions are loosely based on the grid as a jumping off point, since music is based on the staff.


This sounds really cool!

This sounds really cool! I'll definitely have to investigate!!

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Music as art

I've enjoyed this installation several times while attending events in the multi purpose room. I like the way Rich interprets music through art. Thx.

looks awesome!!!

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The geometric aspects of this

The geometric aspects of this mixed media exhibit fascinates me!!

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Enjoyed this exhibit

Enjoyed this exhibit


Sounds interesting


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Interesting. I'll be taking

Interesting. I'll be taking a look next time I'm downtown