#34 Ann Arbor Stories: The Music Mobile

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June 22, 2017


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You can’t talk about the amazing life of Geraldine Seeback without talking about the Music Mobile, but you better not talk about the Music Mobile and gloss over the amazing life of Geraldine Seeback. Two stories in one! The story of Ann Arbor's First Lady of the Symphony along with her rolling musical masterpiece, a converted motorhome that served as a rolling music lesson on wheels in the 1960s.

This episode is part of the 2017 AADL Summer Game. Pay close attention to the sound effects in this episode to help you answer the questions in the Ann Arbor Stories badge. Get the questions right to earn points, glorious points.

More on Geraldine Seeback and her Music Mobile can be found in AADL's Old News.

Music by Tunde Olaniran.

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A Must Listen

I love Ann Arbor stories and this one does not disappoint. The Music Mobile was indeed a unique and clever approach to teaching music.

I agree. I love Ann Arbor

I agree. I love Ann Arbor Stories. You can learn so much from them.

Way Cool

I was so excited to learn about the Music Mobile but, to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't still exist. What a cool story, with a very Ann Arbor feel to it.



Thank you!

Thank you for featuring empowered women in these stories!

Littoroti Bookstore

I missed the event!


I learned a lot from The Music Mobile

Great story

Great story. Wish the Music Mobile was still around.


cool story


Loved this story about a strong, vibrant woman who loved to share the joy of music!!


I enjoyed Geraldine Seeback's story. What a determined and persistent individual!


"The groom was wearing who cares."