All About Hip Hop: Learn the Moves With Carlos Garcia


Join us for All About Hip Hop on Tuesday, June 22 at 7 PM at the Downtown Library. Neutral Zone's studio manager and hip hop artist Carlos Garcia leads a hip hop session for beginners or those who want to learn some new moves! Take a look at the artistry behind the dancing and check out Planet B-boy or The Freshest Kids.

Tuesday, June 22 | 7-8 PM | Downtown Multi-Purpose Room | Grades 9 - Adult


This sounds like a great program! Carlos has such great energy, so I'm sure he'll get folks going!

You HAVE to watch that Planet B-boy DVD! There is some super awesome b-boy dance action going on there.

I also recommend the DVD Style Wars. It focuses more on graffiti than break dancing, but it's definitely a classic and represents the heart of hip-hop.

Thanks for the suggestions! I just put a hold on 'Style Wars' and look forward to what I hope is great crowd at the program.

I got so excited reading this and I am sure it will be a grreat event. My only disappointment was that there was not an additional session geared towards the younger student. This would have been the highlight of the year for my 6 y.o. who absolutely loves real hip hop!