Laugh Yourself Into a Stitch With The Manny Files

Don't read this book around other people. You'll probably find yourself giggling aloud and folks nearby will constantly want to know what's so funny. The Manny Files chronicles the life of Keats Dalinger, an eight year old boy with a lower-than-average self image but a ton of charisma. What he needs is the help of the manny (a male nanny) -- a cross between David Sedaris and Mary Poppins -- who is hired by the Dalinger family to help take care of Keats and his three sisters.

The manny's mantra (written on a coconut in Keats' lunchbox) is "Be interesting," and he sets the standard for that advice. From dressing up in wacky costumes at the bus stop to setting up a picnic in the bathroom, every day is interesting when the manny's around. Unfortunately, Keats' sister, Lulu, is an expert at getting nannies fired, and when she starts a journal -- aptly named The Manny Files -- of all the things the manny does "wrong", Keats must defend his role model.

I've been recommending this book left and right because of all the giggles it's brought into my life, and so far no one I know has been disappointed. It's in the youth chapter book section, but don't let that stop you from having fun with the manny.


This sounds charming and hilarious. Indeed.

I read the Manny Files and it wqs one of the best books that I have read in a while! Don't forget to read Manny Hits the Road, too!