The Urban Homestead

The urban homestead: your guide to self-sufficient living in the heart of the city, by Kelly Coyne & Erik Knutzen, features a wealth of information for eco-conscious city dwellers looking to do their own food harvesting and preserving and get involved in urban homesteading. Recently released is also a revised and expanded edition of the book that features new projects. For further information, the authors also maintain an excellent blog (The Homegrown Evolution) for those interested in this topic.

The Urban Homestead focuses on how to depend less on big box living and features ways of living a more self-sufficient life by growing your own food, saving energy or producing your own, preserving food, all while living in an urban area with limited land.


I'm looking forward to the new book from these authors, which is due out sometime soon, I think. The authors write about many of the same topics -- gardening, self-sufficiency, diy projects -- that we like to explore in our blog as well ( It's inspiring to find kindred spirits both local, like ProjectGrow, and in the larger community, like the Homegrown Revolution.

20minutegarden is an interesting blog- thanks for sharing! As far as local goes, Slow Food Huron Valley and 10 Percent Washtenaw are also doing great things.