Sunday September 17, 2017: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Traverwood Branch: Program Room

This event is intended for grade K - adult

Join us for a relaxing and challenging afternoon of chess—one of the world's most popular games! Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome!

Drop in at any point over the course of the program to play old friends and meet new ones. Chess sets are provided.


Hoping to make it to one of

Hoping to make it to one of these soon

I've always wanted to learn

I've always wanted to learn how to play chess, but am a little intimidated...

friend code: SWEET646

I had an excellent middle

I had an excellent middle school teacher who would take 5 minutes here and there to just teach us chess strategies, then offered chess club after school for a chance to practice them. If little lessons aren't already interested into these events, I highly recommend trying then. It takes less than 5 minutes and really opens up your game

Interesting! ONCE379




Good to learn "Chess" from grade K.Thank you for arranging that.