Welcome Slauson Library Songsters!

Slauson Golden BearSlauson Golden Bear

Sixth graders from Slauson Middle School are coming to the library Wednesday, Jan. 31, and Thursday, Feb. 1, to present the songs, stories, skits and stomps they have created. They all have worked very hard on their performances, with the help of Lee Knight, well known musician and storyteller from Cashiers, NC. The Slauson sixth graders should be proud of their work! Tell us about what you wrote for Songsters guys!!

See Lee Knight perform at the library on January 31 from 7-8:30.


That was awesome. ...I guess.

i gotta say, The 6th hour class was the best

I thought you all did a great job! I was so impressed. Now tell me, what was not so fun about your day at the library???? Be honest.

uhh..u coulda added more stuff for the "Scavenger hunt" it was really short

I know. We had to make sure there was enough time for all the groups to perform. The scavenger hunt was originally longer. Next year we are going to have to add more questions.