BabySitting Bits - MAKE It Happen!

A great summer job for older kids is to be a "babysitter".
If you are good at it, it's a great weekend job all year 'round.
The following books will help prepare you for doing a great job:
Babysitting 101: Your Complete Guide To Becoming The Best Babysitter
Babysitter's Handbook
Babysitting Safety provide successful tactics for leading young children in safe activities.
Babysitting Activities: Fun With Kids Of All Ages
If you know what ages you will watch, these books describe what kids might be interested in for their age ....
Babies: All You Need To Know
Hello Benny! a book about "what it's like to be a baby".
Go! Go! Maria! a book about "what it's like to be 1".
Sweet Jasmine, Nice Jackson a book about "what it's like to be 2 ... and twins!".