Drawing for Adults: Flowers and Leaves in Graphite

Sunday August 20, 2017: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm -- Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room

This event is intended for grade 9 through adult

Come draw with us! We'll provide everything you need to practice your drawing skills. In this session you'll draw flowers and leaves using drawing pencils.

Every other week we’ll cover a different topic. You’ll learn different techniques to tackle texture, chiaroscuro, and perspective, plus improve your sense of composition, lighting, and form. You'll get the chance to try out different mediums like pencil, charcoal, and pastel. All skill levels are welcome to participate.



Is this for begnners? I'd love to draw flowers and leaves.


I second the above question. This sounds like a lot of fun but I would be a beginner and I wonder if this would be my speed?

Flowers and leaves are my

Flowers and leaves are my favorite subject to draw

What exactly is

What exactly is graphite?

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I don't work for aadl, but

I don't work for aadl, but "all skill levels" implies beginners are welcome. And graphite is in pencils, although google could certainly define it more thoroughly.

Beginners are welcome!

Great questions! Yes, all skill levels are welcome. There will be an overview of the different pencils that we'll be using and a demonstration of techniques for how to draw flowers and leaves. If you're not a beginner, please feel free to bring along any questions about tools and techniques that you might have from your experiences. Hope to see you there!

AADL Staff

want to learn more techniques?

I hope to make it to this session.

I really have no artistic

I really have no artistic talent whatsoever -- should I give this session a try anyway? I'm truly concerned about my lack of ability and really don't want to embarrass myself!!

Everyone, please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

So fun!

Being a beginner (is there a skill level below beginner?! haha) was my concern as well, but it looks like if you are a beginner you're not alone :)

I wish I could go. I enjoy

I wish I could go. I enjoy drawing and this sounds like a great event.

Love it

Can't get enough crafts

This is an awesome

This is an awesome opportunity to learn how to draw! Thank you AADL!