Droonkher Tashi Delek, Siddhartha Gautama!

It's birthday time for The Buddha this weekend, and Ann Arbor's Zen Buddhist Temple on Packard is one place to participate in the celebration. The two day event begins on Saturday, May 22 from 2:30pm - 8:30pm with an open poetry reading, vegetarian buffet (for a fee), and storytelling program with music. On Sunday, May 23, from 9:30am - 8:30pm, the Buddha festivities roll out with the story of Buddha's life followed by the Peace and Happiness Street Parade, which youngsters are invited to join in on foot or on bike. The evening keeps going with a meditation, a lighting of the lotus lanterns, and readings from area Buddhist groups.

For AADL materials and information on Buddha and Buddhism, try a subject search for Buddha or for Buddhism, or check out the online database, Biography Resource Center, and their articles on The Buddha.



Budham Sharanam Gachami