Star Wars Crafts!

Friday August 18, 2017: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm -- Westgate Branch: West Side Room

This event is intended for grade K - 4

Come make your very own lightsaber and other Star Wars crafts!

May the force be with you!



This event it made of WIN! Who wouldn't want to make their own lightsaber.

Very cool!

Very cool!

So cool

So cool

Too bad you're limiting this

Too bad you're limiting this event to grade K - 4! LOL

Feel free to add me as a friend, please -- my code is SWEET646

Star Wars crafts

I've done some Star Wars crafts over the years, with the help of a book or two. They are really fun and can be good homemade gifts for any fans in your life.

super fun

super fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please be my friend flip494

I know some adults who would be jealous!

Sounds like fun!

Wish i could be there

Wish I could be there. Everyone needs a lightsaber.

So cool

What a fun event! Thanks AADL for offering this!

I just saw this. We might

I just saw this. We might try to attend. I wonder what the lightsabers will be made of.