Realistic World War II background for this gripping thriller

Philip Kerr’s new novel Hitler’s Peace provides an entertaining mix of history, espionage, political infighting and murder mystery. Focused on the Teheran Conference of the Big Three allies in 1943, the story follows intrigue in the Third Reich and among the allies as Himmler, Schellenberg, von Ribbentrop and other Nazi bigwigs try to find ways to divide the allies and undermine their ‘unconditional surrender’ policy.

While the main fictional character is an OSS agent with a checkered past, all the real historical figures are on stage in convincing fashion. A fun read for fans of Alan Furst, Ken Follett, Jack Higgins and the like. Kerr is also the author of the atmospheric Berlin Noir Trilogy police procedurals March Violets, The Pale Criminal and A German Requiem set in prewar Nazi Germany.