No Impact Man, on DVD

New York City resident Colin Beavan and his wife and toddler daughter fight the “consumerism coma” and go a year of having “no impact” on the environment. For them this means, among other things, no Starbucks lattes, no toilet paper, no cars, buying nothing new, and eventually going without electricity. His wife has a hard time at first, but she continues to support her husband’s passion and plans for writing his book, No impact man: the adventures of a guilty liberal who attempts to save the planet. The documentary No Impact Man chronicles their life during this period.

I did cringe at the no refrigerator factor, and the potty training a two year old with no toilet paper, but it is a very interesting look/ reminder at what humans rely on, and the impact some of our consumption has on the world. His blog is an extension of the book and his mission- check it out.


Thank you for putting 'no impact' in quotes. Even when we're dead, we're still impacting the environment.

I think that the resources used in filming and publishing might impact the environment...just a little?