Ice Princess

I just watched Ice Princess, the film equivalent of eating a fluffernutter sandwich: sweet and enjoyable, but without nutritional value. Torn by the expectations of her mother and her true dreams, geeky Casey must choose between Harvard and a chance at a professional skating career. I'm sure we can all guess the outcome, but no one's watching this for the surprise ending, I assure you.

This film lacks the mature romance of The Cutting Edge and at times it feels like a big music video, but you weren't expecting The Seventh Seal, so just enjoy the ride, okay?

Buffy fans might enjoy seeing Michell Trachtenberg again, but Joan Cusack and Kim Catrall steal the show as single Moms who live through their daughters. Catrall's character is Tanya Harding with better hair, and Cusack is Casey's Harvard-obsessed mother who angsts over her daughter getting pretty and losing her brains. Needless to say the two mothers have issues, but at least they aren't desperate housewives.


Not enough mean girls in this movie, if you ask me.