1st Annual PEEPS® Photo Contest Winners!


It was a dirty, marshmallowy job but someone had to do it! We took over where the Ann Arbor News left off and debuted the 1st Annual PEEPS® photo contest. Participants from preschool age to adults of all ages created dioramas using PEEPS®, took photos and submitted them. Judging was conducted by myself, Lara Zielin, author of Donut Days and editor of the Literature, Science & Arts magazine at the University of Michigan, and Amy Sumerton, Program Director for 826Michigan. We laughed, we cried and we came up with the winners! Sometime soon the winners' photos and ALL of the entries will be linked here and permanently stored in our gallery, but in the meantime check them out at annarbor.com. Read more and take off your hats for our winners in six age categories:

Preschool winners
* 1st Place: Rosie Flynn
* 2nd Place: Serafina Sabatini
* 3rd Place: Nicholas Wade

Grades K-2 winners
* 1st Place: Elliot Varnum
* 2nd Place: Gram Brownlee
* 3rd Place: Erin Hill

Grades 3-5 winners
* 1st Place: Loey & Walden Jones-Perpich
* 2nd Place: Joseph Weber
* 3rd Place: Elise Brod

Grades 6-8 winners
* 1st Place: Sofi St. John
* 2nd Place: Micayla Roe
* 3rd Place: Cecilia Roe

Grades 9-12 winners
* 1st Place: Kathrin Larson
* 2nd Place: Julia Markey
* 3rd Place: Annabel Weiner

Adult winners
* 1st Place: Henry James
* 2nd Place: Ben Dzialo, Robin Zdrodowski, Tim Zdrodowski
* 3rd Place: Christine Tupper


Sounds so fun!