1980s TV Action, Adventure, Crime & Mystery on DVD

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Did you know we have hundreds of old television shows on DVD here at the AADL?
If you are a fan of action, adventure or crime & mystery shows from the 1980s, head to your closest library and check out our selection. Watch your favorite 80s crime fighters like The Greatest American Hero, Hill Street Blues, a very young Johnny Depp in 21 JumpStreet, and Matlock. Investigate and solve cases with the detectives of Magnum P.I., Remington Steele, Murder She Wrote, Simon & Simon, and Moonlighting. Enjoy the cheesy 80s action of Airwolf, Macgyver, and the A-Team.
All of these shows and many many more can be browsed here.


Don't forget the Golden Girls!

(Rose is testing anti-fog glasses, she sticks her head in the freezer...)
DOROTHY: Rose, leave the glasses inside, and come over here!
ROSE: How will I know if they fog up or not?
DOROTHY: We'll ask the little man who turns the light on and off if they do.
ROSE: Dorothy, don't joke about the little man, you know he scares me!