New Source for Nonprofit Information

The Nonprofit Resources Center is a new collection at AADL that focuses on nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit expertise in the areas of fundraising, governance, administration, and employment is now collected together and available for circulation. The Nonprofit Resources Center contains approximately 400 items and is located on the 2nd floor of the Downtown Library. The Nonprofit Resources Center is a collaboration between the NEW Center and Ann Arbor District Library to facilitate the use of these books and to make them available to the widest audience possible. We wish to thank Borders which generously made these materials available.


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What type of items are located in the Downtown Library?

The Nonprofit Resources Center contains materials related to the start-up and organization of nonprofits and which could also be useful to any small business. It is a print collection. Sample topics include Grant Writing, Managing Nonprofits, Business Plans, Hiring and Mentoring Employees, Board Development, Fundraising, and Utilizing Volunteers.