Swan Song

This is my last blog for aadl.org. It has been my pleasure to share this bit of cyberspace with you. Instead of trying to create new content, I feel it is time to bring some of my old blogs back to life. Hope you enjoy them...

If I should die before I wake... where I discussed my most favorite books, the Bible and The Hobbit.

The Martians are coming, the martians are coming. War of the Worlds in its many forms.

This is l33t, where the lines between reality and fiction get a bit blurred and I learned I'm not very l33t.

Psychohistorically Speaking, honoring the the grandmaster of science fiction, Mr. Asimov.

Going on a bug hunt. This book has its share of controversy. I'm not militaristic, but I do respect those that are willing to serve.

Have Sword Will Travel about my hero, Conan.

If TV killed the book, what did the Internet kill? This story scares me a bit. Does it scare you?

The Captain's Tale, where Captain Nemo dies. Gotta love a giant squid.

The Last Man Alive, one of my son's favorite stories and I think what got him hooked on horror books and movies.

and lastly, the blog that made me famous...

Move over Spice Girls, the story of Dune

As the great Douglas Adams said, "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish".


Bittersweet! Move Over Spice Girls was an excellent blog title.

I've always enjoyed reading your blogs, RiponGood, you will be missed!

Good blog reading, as always. Peace out.