AXIS Coffeehouse Podcast - Take One

The AXIS Coffeehouse is one of our teen programming mainstays... a weekly gathering of young adults sharing poetry and stories through the magic of the spoken word.

Last month, we tried something new. We recorded our Coffeehouse poets reading their own work, and we were glad that a few of them were willing to have us record and share their poetry. Thanks to all of you.

Since this was our first try at this, the recordings are a little rough, but their voices still shine through. We've already recorded a second batch with better sound quality, so keep your ears open and keep writing those poems for coffeehouse!

PS, Even though our poet Austin identified himself as Chuck Norris, it's not really him.

Austin DeNeve - Earth

Austin DeNeve - Scar

Austin DeNeve - Tears

Austin DeNeve - Untitled

Bilal Barakat - Untitled

Muniro Dini - I Lead, You Follow

Muniro Dini - Untitled



Thank You