And the best Christmas Carol is...

'Tis the season for the inevitable take on the perennial Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. We have at least eight video versions--from a 10-minute silent film in a collection of rare holiday shorts to the vastly underrated Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. The rest are listed below. (Our apologies to fans of the 1999 film starring Patrick Stewart and the excellent 1938 version starring Leo G. Carroll; both are on order but, alas, won't be here by Christmas.) My favorite is still the 1951 version. What's yours?

A Christmas Carol (1951), starring Alastair Sim
A Christmas Carol (1984), starring George C. Scott
A Christmas Carol (2004), starring Kelsey Grammer
A Muppet Christmas Carol (1992), with Michael Caine as the voice of Scrooge
Scrooge (1970), starring Albert Finney
Scrooged (1999), starring Bill Murray


Well, my favorite is the 1952 Alastair Sim movie, followed closely by the Muppets. The Muppet version is great and kids can understand it very easily.

I love the George C. Scott one!! I watch it every year and every year I'm astounded all over again. I'm not the biggest Muppet fan, but I'm sure kids would love it. :)