AADL-GT 2006 Season Wrapup: FJW FTW

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It's all over! The 2006 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season has drawn to a close, and the Grand Champion was [gtplayer:737], who fought his way through 20 grueling matches, past formidable veterans and hopeful noobs alike, to win the final Kart Race on the infamous Baby Park Oval and claim the grand prize: a Brand-New Nintendo Wii! FJW's clan, We Are Hard, was not as successful in the 2006 Clan Cup event, losing in the Semifinals despite going into the Clan Cup with the highest score, while the #4 ranked Pocket Rockets came from behind to deliver a thorough drubbing to the ever-solid Bros & Co to take victory. With our biggest season yet behind us, let's take a few minutes to reflect on the top stories of the 2006 season, and start thinking about how next season can be even better.

The 2006 season saw almost 200 unique players and 17 Clans compete for glory, prizes, and simple superiority across 7 months of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash, with monthly single-player and team events in each game. From the preseason event in July to the December Grand Championships, alliances were formed, rivalries fought, and storied careers rose and fell amidst a maelstrom of turtle shells, banana peels, and pokéballs.

While the July preseason tournament set the stage for what was to come, and allowed clans to size up hopefuls and recruit new members, the season began in earnest in August, and it looked like it might just be the Season of the Turtles. Turtle Clan stormed to a decisive Clan Battle victory at Round 1, beating Bros & Co at Mario Power Tennis, and Clan leaders [gtplayer:143] and his brother [gtplayer:146] racked up a mind-bending 6000+ points for their Clan, representing in the finals of every event, and winning two.

However, the tables would soon begin turn as [gtplayer:737] secured the increasingly impressive skills of the Kalamazoo-based Royster Brothers ([gtplayer:606] and [gtplayer:614]) for We Are Hard, turning what was a decent emerging clan into an instantly near-unstoppable powerhouse. The Roysters delivered over 5000 points for WAH in Round 2 and got them to the Clan Battle Finals, where FJW and (was it) [gtplayer:738] defeated the Savage Brothers in F-Zero GX to seize Clan Battle Victory for WAH and moved them to within striking distance of Turtle Clan in the standings, with WAH member [gtplayer:504] closing to within a few hundred points of the mighty [gtplayer:143].

As the season wore on into Round 3, the team events began to take on increased importance and several frequent teams became widely feared names; The Royster's Team Silence, [gtplayer:788] and [gtplayer:509]'s NIXON'S BAAAAACK, The threateningly-named and honestly formidable BEATUSANDDIE ([gtplayer:737] and [gtplayer:504]), the Melee Mastery of [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:340], and the constant threat of [gtplayer:143] and his brother ([gtplayer:146]), who won the Kart Team event 3 out of 4 times, only taking second in Round 2 when they fell to Doll-E-Mart ([gtplayer:431] and [gtplayer:371]).

In Round 3, WAH once again sat atop the Clan Scores, propelled by solid performances from the Roysters and FJW, while Bros & Co miscalculated and lost to WAH at Shadow Battle from Four Swords, giving WAH their second straight Clan Battle victory and cementing them atop the Clan Standings.

Round 4 was when it finally happened for Bros & Co; as WAH fell in the Clan Battle Semis, they faced Turtle Clan at Gauntlet and emerged triumphant, although not able to make a dent in WAH's huge lead, especially as WAH's [gtplayer:737] and [gtplayer:504] took first and second in Single Player Kart and second in Team Kart, [gtplayer:614] won Single Player Smash and took 2nd in Team Smash with brother [gtplayer:606]. However, enough recap, let's get to the Grand Championship Results!

The Clan Cup got underway promptly at noon, starting with a set of 2 Mario Kart Team Races for the Clans ranked 5-8. The #7 Foreign Exchange won both races and coasted on to the next round, while #5 It's Called a Crew managed a 2nd place finish, enough to lift them past the #8 Vaccinated Monks and the #6 Black Shark Clan and on to Round 2.

There, they were joined by the #4 Pocket Rockets and the #3 Turtle Clan for two rounds of Melee for each of two teams. The Pocket Rockets, clearly prepared and with high aspirations for the day, won 3 of their four matches and moved on, while Turtle Clan lost three matches and was eliminated. It's Called A Crew and the Foreign Exchange were tied with two wins apiece, so they each sent a representative to what would be the day's only tiebreaker: a round of the venerable classic, Marble Madness. [gtplayer:382] of ICAC and The Right Honourable [gtplayer:325] of the Foreign Exchange fought an evenly matched battle, with both reaching the treacherous Aerial Race, but neither able to complete it. With a thin edge on points, [gtplayer:325] won the tiebreaker and led his clan on to the Clan Cup Semifinals.

Here, the ascendant Pocket Rockets and the capable Foreign Exchange faced the two top clans of the season: #2 Bros and Co, and #1 We Are Hard, with two matches of Melee and two races of Co-op Kart for each team from each clan. The Pocket Rockets astoundingly won all four of their Melee matches to jump out to huge point lead, while WAH went 2-2 and FX and Bros & Co each only managed one win. The Pocket Rockets then proceeded to get totally stomped in Kart, with their teams finishing 6th and 7th in the first race, and 5th and 8th in the second, but their 400 points from the Melee phase was enough to lift them past all competitors and secure the #1 spot in the Final Mystery Round. That #2 spot was the subject of a pitched battle, with only 20 points ultimately separating 2nd from 4th place, as the ever-scrappy Bros & Co, the only clan to make it to every Clan Battle this season, score 450 points to advance to the finals, while the underdog Foreign Exchange just missed a trip to the final by 10 points, and odds-on favorite We Are Hard was also eliminated.

So, the Final match of the 2006 Clan Cup began, and the mystery final game was revealed to be Wario Ware Single-Controller Survival. Both Bros & Co and the Pocket Rockets had all 6 members present, so each clan had six 'lives' to try to complete as many microgames as possible. Bros & Co. went first, but only managed to complete 13 microgames before losing all their lives, allowing the Pocket Rockets to easily coast to their first victory with 3 lives to spare, claiming the Clan Cup prizes and highly-coveted trophies.

On to the Wildcard tournament, or the 'Festival of N00bs' as I like to call it, as the broadcast began with 34 hopefuls vying for 8 spots in the Grand Championship Bracket. Most notable was the return of [gtplayer:136], 2005 prize winner and Grand Championship Semifinalist, who had missed most of the 2006 season doing something called 'sports'. Fulfilling expectations, [gtplayer:136] finished the first round of 4 matches tied for 2nd, behind season regulars [gtplayer:217] and [gtplayer:776], and then went on to be the only player to win all 4 matches in the second and final round of the Wildcard Tournament and finish in first place. The final 8 wildcards to advance to the Grands only included one other non-rookie, [gtplayer:458]. The final Wildcard winners were as follows:

1. [gtplayer:136]
2. [gtplayer:696]
3. [gtplayer:359]
4. [gtplayer:923]
5. [gtplayer:927]
6. [gtplayer:458]
7. [gtplayer:905]
8. [gtplayer:217]

We were then on to the Main Event: The 2006 Grand Championships! With 44 prequalified players plus the 8 wildcards, 52 total squared off for a shot at the hottest game console on the planet, the Nintendo Wii. Each round again consisted of two Melee Matches and two Kart races for each contender, with score-based elimination resetting each round. The very first cut, from 52 down to 32, saw some highly regarded players fall, including [gtplayer:509], [gtplayer:789] and [gtplayer:790] of the Pocket Rockets (as captain [gtplayer:788] just squeaked through in 32nd place), the elimination of wildcards [gtplayer:905], [gtplayer:923], and [gtplayer:927], and the shocking knockout of the well-rounded [gtplayer:340]. Favored [gtplayer:143] also narrowly dodged early elimination, finishing just one spot above [gtplayer:788] in 31st place.

The carnage only grew as 4 more matches cut the field from 32 to 16, with the elimination of [gtplayer:198] and [gtplayer:166] of Bros & Co, the underrated [gtplayer:457] of Black Shark Clan, [gtplayer:797] and [gtplayer:788] of the Pocket Rockets, [gtplayer:396] and [gtplayer:328] of the Foreign Exchange, and many more. Most suprisingly, [gtplayer:136] missed the cut by 10 points, and Season 1 champion [gtplayer:143] finished at the bottom of the pack and was eliminated.

With the contest truly heating up, another round of 4 matches cut 8 more players as the stakes, the competition, and the consensual stalling heated up. This round saw the elimination of the two remaining wildcards ([gtplayer:217] and [gtplayer:776]), Melee Titans [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:614], [gtplayer:154] of Turtle Clan and [gtplayer:183] of the Black Sharks, plus the formidable [gtplayer:852] of the Usual Suspects and Chairman of the Foreign Exchange, [gtplayer:325].

With only 8 players remaining and only one more elimination before the prize round, the pressure to excel and to leverage any advantage available was great. Up-and-coming prodigy [gtplayer:821] of the Pocket Rockets was first to fall, but will surely be a future force to be reckoned with with 6 season of eligibility still to come; [gtplayer:795] was also eliminated, the highest-finished player without a clan affiliation. Then, Turtle Clan's [gtplayer:146] fell, the victim of a 3 on 1; and Bros & Cos [gtplayer:197] missed the cut by 20 points and was eliminated as well.

That left four warriors, who had fought their way to this moment through countless rounds, wins, losses, and struggles; four warriors who had just two matches of Melee and two races of kart left with which to prove their worth and claim their prize and the glory of victory. These chosen four were:

From Bros & Co:
[gtplayer:736], who had taken the prizeless 4th place in the 2004 Grand Championship Finals and was hungry for more than a t-shirt, and clanmate [gtplayer:168], who had been to the finals 4 times in the 2006 season, assembling a complete set of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes;

and from We Are Hard:
[gtplayer:737], whose multifaceted skills were undeniable, and whose leadership had brought together the forces that made We Are Hard the standout story of the season, and clanmate [gtplayer:606], whose Melee prowess was undeniable, but whose vulnerability in Kart could cost him Victory, and put the mesh of allegiances that formed We Are Hard to the test.

[gtplayer:606] won both of the melee rounds, while [gtplayer:737] took second in both, setting the stage for an intense and deeply emotional final set of Mario Kart races. [gtplayer:606] had a 40-point lead, but [gtplayer:737] had a skill advantage in Kart; and with the final races being Rainbow Road and Baby Park, it required a lethal combination of skill and luck to survive.

In the first Kart race, [gtplayer:737] took 1st place, as [gtplayer:606] took 3rd, with [gtplayer:168] taking 2nd and [gtplayer:736] coming in 4th. [gtplayer:606] still had a chance, but he had to beat FJW on Baby Park. As the final race came to a ferocious end, [gtplayer:606] finished 4th, and FJW was able to overtake him, seizing first place and the Wii. [gtplayer:606] took second, and chose the iPod over the DS for the first time in GT history, leaving the DS to third place [gtplayer:168], and the lousy t-shirt to now two-time 4th place finalist, [gtplayer:736].

With new controversies born, Clan allegiances possibly shaken beyond repair, and almost all of the big guns due back for one more season, the 2007 GT may be the hottest one yet. Thanks to all of you for your participation, your sportsmanship, and for giving me the privilege of having the coolest job in town. I hope to see you all at DS Fest and Open Play next week, Tuesday-Thursday, from 4-8 PM, and at the Season 4 Planning meeting at Pittsfield Branch, Saturday, 2/10, from 1-4 PM. There will be food, open play, and we'll be doing wrapup interviews for the DVD (which will be done more promptly this year).

Thanks again, guys, and see you next season!



Errors: "4-point lead" should be 40 and VMC was 7th place and Foreign Exchange was 8th Place.

Cool season review. I thought the DS fest was Jan 2 nd 3rd. Because i got my DS today at gamestop used screen is really scratched but all the other stores had been out for awhile. I got MarioKArt DS and took elis advice and got StarFox. Also i will bring up the aadl gt hall of fame idea well leinad and tom could be honnored their skill is far surpassed by pickwick the second and [D]uck (edit by ejk). Pickwick the melee champion of season 2 and one of the best kart players. Duck season 2 grand champion and has numerous single player kart wins.

Is there going to be a DVD for this season

lol, eli foreshadowed the likely breakup of WAH like four times in there, but sweet season, i know i will be back next season, and i will be present at at least 1 of the free play days. and will the DVD be a downloadable file, or will it be an actual DVD.

So with all likelihood, i will have to make a new clan next year, and i already have a few people in mind...

EDIT: SOMEONE UPDATE THE WIKI (i would, but im typing with 2 fingers right now (my other ones are like messed up)

what about in round 2 when Mike S. from clan WAH secured first place in the closing seconds of Waluigi Stadium by dodging a blue shell before the jump, amd edging off johninabox, tp2, doomblaze, drex, and pickwick for the firt time in WAH kart history?

my brother (gnato) only went to one regular season tournament.........dunno if thats what youd call a "season regular"

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I like the Hall of fame idea Bad driver suggested, but I'm just a little taken aback by my the name he used to refer to me. I know due to the spelling of my name it's really easy to make other words so please be careful; it happens to start with the letter between "s" and "f" on the keyboard and not either of those letters. I know you didn't do it on purpose, but be careful.
Eli could you please correct that.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao, thanks for the heads up

lol, i get it, lol

I like Hall Of Fame idea

me too, except how would we do it, put statues in the basement?

Sorry duck i cant go back and edit it. Hopefully eli will fix it. FJW WE wouldnt make statues in the basement we would most likely have a little online section

awwwww, darn, we could make paper mache statues

hey eli, i think we should have some open play in early january like 1-8 because I kno from experience thats when i have a lot of homework to do and beating some rivals would be great,

ps. you guys are lucky i couldn't make it to the grands..i have been practicing way to much to waste it on a soccer game on the 16th

you wouldn't have had a chance, sry

the clan cup was very fun. i look forward to doing it again!

and wow. our clan knew we would finish at least 2nd, as we were gods at team smash and horrible at team double dash. but after the quarterfinals, we realized that that was alright, as we finished in 1st place coming out of each round.

we all knew when warioware was announced the game was over. we've played that game far too long to not predict us winning that. overall fun! congrats to everyone who made it into the grueling top 8 of the clans. everyone's clans each have a distinct play style which overall ensured that their clan was amongst the best.

and then come the grands. wow what a feat. all 6 of our clan members made it through (as most clans also managed) with our slight newcomer marusu rounding the leaderboard out at 64th! our good friend, Dreamless, also made it by as a wildcard . it was a proud moment.

the qualifying matches, were nothing less then grueling as my first match i had two veterans along side me (FJW and Dale W), my second bringing 2 veterans and a semi-veteran (FJW AGAIN, Bad Driver, and Ampshock), my third showcasing 3 wildcards (one of which, Dreamless, might be recruited due to smash potential), and my fourth being an easy swipe through n00bs.

just making it through my brackets was hilarious. my first round was a smash match with team mate marusu, wildcard DJW, and smash titan Pwnerer. an unspoken (but oddly enough, spoken) agreement between me and pwnerer was hatched as he was friends with team mate piano black, so he would not proceed to destroy me. after some fighting i alerted him that team mate marusu was also in the clan, so we 3 vs 1'ed DJW and danced around.

my second round brought forth feared Pickwick the Second, moderately known Miniblin, and wildcard DJW. it was smash, and i was annihilated.

my third round was against two Bros and Co members D Rex and Doomblaze in a smash match. i ultimately could not overcome a silly kirby with a super scope and a peach and took third.

my fourth match i was up against Grand winner FJW and fellow conspirator johninabox. same as above!

as my whole clan was knocked out (along with potential smasher Dreamless), we figured on leaving, but we learned Nico was still in the game. this is what surprised us in round 4 when we had everything calculated and knew that if we couldn't get more points then it's called a crew's last team mate Limabean, we'd finish in 5th (for at the time i was alerted that only top 4 clans made it). we were all out, but then realized Nico was still in it, who bested it's called a crew's last team mate Limabean and took 4th, edging us out.

Nico ultimately took 4th in every round in the quarterfinals (surprisingly still making it to top 8) due to some high conspiracies running through the last matches, and he was not able to overcome such a feat.

well things have been great, and it only sucks that the next tourney is in a LONG time. please have open play or something in January, or even an event possibly!

anyways, CONGRATULATIONS to FJW on your wii, and everyone else who made it to the grands. the top 32 (maybe even 64) show true skill in either one or both games, and will truly be a force to be reckoned with next year. signing off~

yay let's all party and be happy and make accounts on


I can't believe I lost 3v1...

Eli, also, please ban Yoshi 64.

I think everyone agrees that that stage is much, much worse than Poke Floats, which in my opinion shouldn't be banned.

The glitches happen in specific places and can easily be avoided if you know where they are. (Snorlax occasionally and the other one is Slowpoke)

EDIT: Bad driver didn't get 3v1'd.

What are you guys talking about???

Omega and I got three v 1'd however. I wasn't going to win anyway though, so the only one that matter is Omega.

except omega beat all three of us when we 3v1'd him in smash

thnx lain, and next year the grands have to be 1v1 smash and 8 player mario kart to PREVENT TEAMING, DAMN THOSE CONSPIRACIES

I, too, was felled by the conspiring of my competitors, though it was only a 2-on-1--Doomblaze and another Bro's and Co-er, methinks.

Congratulations, Lain and FjW, et al, for some of the very best gaming I've seen at the GT! The Foreign Exchange has been honoured to cross swords with all of you throughout the season.

Finklestein is our only non-graduating member; he has two seasons left, potentially, though he probably isn't coming back next year. FX is, therefore, defunct as of now.

In FFA he would've had the time to go after each of you separately, which means you wouldn't've died second to last.

Sad to see you leave the GT circut pickwick. i have been honnored playing with you. Sad to see FX and most likely VMC disenigrate but this should leave room for other grade B clans

i didnt get mentioned as good people knocked out in top 16!!! o well

imgoin to have a tourny at my house during break prob on a saturday but ask me if you want to come cus we kind of have a people limit

add me to the list, where do you live?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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How much does that adaptor thing cost for a DS

by the michigan stadium on hutchins

y r u tryin to compete with me limabean

mdidget takes no prisoners

u will be destroyed


Riley, i'm not coming to yours

I'm going to Cisco's

so you should all go to Cisco's and MM me

CLAN RECRUITMENT: Who wants to be in my clan next year???

big tummy maybe


I'm not gonna be in a clan next year so yea. and riley are you really gonna have a tournemant this saturday cuz i cant come. Riley I dont hate u!
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

and riley do u finally no what comma means?
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

no but i have a hunch and no im not having a tourny on sat cisco is

whats ur hunch and why'd u say u were gonna have a touny if ur not?
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

hey anybody intrested in a clan of sravan, mario and I..we need a couple more people. so i'm looking to see if anybody wanted a clan

why does the other forum not work?

i am its just later

Ugo, can i be in it?

hey UGO count me in for now. I'll let you know for sure if i can do it once i get my sports schedule for next year.

Oh, man... Joesmo and Sravan in a clan with Ugo and Balla... sounds like the Infamous Troublemonkeys may ride again after missing season 3.

As for you, California Love, are you abandoning Black Shark Clan? Do they get to keep the name? =)

hey noah we might be able to get you in but i'm not sure yet,
we need 2 subs, all i kno is that i have been practicing a s**t load for this tournament season in mario kart and also mele, where i have been getting lessons from sravan how to use fox, so that will be my new character, and my new sn for the season is Ugochukwu

no offense but i dont think he knows how to "play" fox

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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me or sravan

both for that matter, you guys roll dodge too much, and dont know how to shine effectively, sravan is getting "out of date" in smash

the roll doodge pretty much just saves us from getting hit, what would be the problem with it, it stops them from giving us damage, and by the way FJW do u wanna join sravan joesmo, balla, and i in our clan

the roll doodge pretty much just saves us from getting hit, what would be the problem with it, it stops them from giving us damage, and by the way FJW do u wanna join sravan joesmo, balla, and i in our clan

there are much better ways to avoid getting hit, although the rolldodge is useful on certain occasions. as for the clan, probably not, im gonna focus on recruiting the best talent i can into WAH to set up a championship run for next year.

haha. ahhhh why even bother making a clan. you know pocket rockets is taking it again next year XD

everything is good on certain occasions. you just have to know which to do. do you wavedash, spot dodge, shield, roll dodge, jump, or simply run away. so yeah you can't REALLY say one is better then the other. it's all situational.

run away then reverse shl

ohh yeahhhh

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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It all depends on the clan cup fromat and who it favors this time it relly favored melee clans also it will most likely come down to a sur-prize game

Wavedash > Roll dodge when dodging an attack

even with peach and jiggly

It was easier to get points for melee but the actual clan cup didn't favor melee

D-rex looking at the clan cup a great melee clan with no kart seeded in the top 4 will easily make it to the finals as a great kart clan with no melee stands no chance. A great melee clan such as the Pocket rockets can win the melee only round easily than the round of both kart and melee they will win all their melee matches which consists of beating only one opponent a round and in kart you have to beat 7 opponents and in a game of much more luck it is very difficult. Do you get what i am saying?

Bad Driver has a point.

our team is simply the best at strategy though. we work our way around the rules and find every detail about the tournament, and then develop a plan for that.

also how the hell do i get a picture for our clan? like how do i get it to show on the leaderboard?

yeah, team chemistry is a HUGE part of success, cause if you look at talent, WAH was by far the overall most talented clan, but we lacked team chemistry. 2 of the people we only knew their names, and nothing else. One person decided that he got bored of the tournies after the 2nd time, so even though WAH was steamrolling (in round 4 we got 1st in singles smash, 2nd in doubles smash, 1st and 2nd in singles kart, and 2nd in team kart) through the singles and doubles rounds, we were losing the clan battles because of our lack of chemistry, and thats where pocket rockets had a big advantage, because the people in the clan were close friends.

That presents the main reason we are dropping the Royters next year and replacing them with all of my close friends, to end up with a clan that is exclusively Huron High sophomores. So even though we are losing talent this year, we gain chemistry, and this season will tell which means more to success...

to lain: as for getting picture up, you will have to email eli at eli@aadl.org, attach the picture in the message.

"to end up with a clan that is exclusively Huron High sophomores"

I guess you won't be in the clan FJW cause you're going to be a junior =P

FJW the only reason you would need chemistry is to practice toghter. Since the roysters would be a always be a team toghter it wouldn't really hurt your team. Oh well gain for everyone else.

lol, MDidget notice the present tense in the sentence, "is" as opposed to "will be" juniors, but BD you raise a good point, even though the only people you are actually teaming up with is your partner, the whole team must be close, if they aren't there are too many internal conflicts (read, backstabbing).

That isn't for clan play that is for single player

I was a-thinking about perhaps getting together a super "mega-clan coalition for Huron students" whick could be a group of 3 or 4 clans that generally agree to support each other...

wait i thought you said i could be in waher

I don't really know....that's more FJW's thing

yeah riley, you can, but you wont be a huron sophomore, but thats cool

ok good

can someone post the web adress of the other forum, my mom deleted my bookmark

I think WAH wont be as good tis year. Can't replace the roysters


and BD ur probably right, but we'll never know, i know im gonna get worse, cause my gamecube is collecting dust

yeah cause you dont need it, you can use your wii for smash and mk

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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if there's a big ol huron union kinda thing, i guess it's decided that huron wins.

cause i'm in it! oh snap son!

All of turtle clan will be at huron next year unless some of them go to community or something

Pioneer/Community = screwed except for Pwnerer

and me

Lol, we had a little smash club at pioneer last year

There were two member x____X

and that is why you will ultimately phail...


I don't go to pioneer...i can't fail :P

o.k lets set this stait. The only reason that fgw won was because of us. He wouln't of even came close to winning if it were not for us. At the beginning of the season you begged us to join your clan and we really did it out of pity. This year everything is going to be different. Oh and for other people don't join fjw clan, if you look at the dvd of the grand championchips he turnned his back on me and then turn his back in sudden death on John in a box and some other guy and killed them. If he did it to me then he will do it to you so i would't trust him. Oh and I read your comit about how your going to drop us and that was just a bunch of bs. You can't drop us or you wont have a clan. We MADE WE ARE HARD, HARD. Anyways We are starting a new clan starting with us two and cisco if he wants to. Also shout out to Mike S wasup man. We need three more people so if you want to join tell us or we wont no. Alright then I'll see yall July, 30, 2007


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!