Tournament Weekend: Monkey Ball, DDR, and the Grand Championships!

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This weekend, we'll have three videogame tournaments at the Downtown Library, with something for everyone, including food and prizes. First, we'll have an All-Ages Super Monkey Ball Tournament, Friday Night, 12/15, from 6-8:30 PM. Come play Super Monkey Ball, Monkey Target, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Dogfight, and even try your hand at Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz on the one and only Nintendo Wii! Read on for full details about the Monkey Ball event.

Then, on Saturday, 12/16, it's the biggest gaming event in town; the 2006 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Grand Championships! The event starts at noon, with the Clan Cup for the top 8 clans from the regular season. Then we'll have the Wildcard Tournament for players in grades 6-12 who are new or didn't finish the season in the top 64. 8 wildcards will join the top players in the Grand Championship itself, with First Prize: a Nintendo Wii, Second Prize: a 2gb iPod Nano, and Third Prize: A Nintendo DS! It all comes down to this, have you got what it takes? This event will be broadcast live on CTN Channel 18, so a signed release form is required. Preregister before you come, and you can use self checkin and skip the line!

Finally, we'll wrap up the weekend with an All-Ages Dance Dance Revolution Tournament, Sunday, 12/17, from 1-4 PM. Prizes for the two best standard/heavy players, and for the best adult/child team! All events in the Multipurpose Room at the Downtown Library. Plus, stay tuned for Pokémon and DS Fest events during Winter Break!

OK, if you've got questions about the structure or schedule of the 2006 Grand Championships, they may be answered in this thread, and I'll still be answering questions there.

The Monkey Ball Event will have each player compete in each of 6 game modes:

Super Monkey Ball Main Game, Beginner Stages, 3 Lives
Super Monkey Ball 2 Main Game, Beginner Stages, 3 Lives
Monkey Target 2, 2 Monkey Balls, 6 Rounds, Items On
Monkey Dogfight, 3 minute Round
Monkey Bowling Normal, 10 Frames
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: Alien Spaceship Landing, 3 attempts.

We'll take your score from each of those 6 games and total it up. After everyone has had a chance to play all 6 games, we'll take the highest total scorers and they will face off in a series of elimination rounds including monkey fight, monkey race, and monkey target. It will be monkeytastic. First place wins a $20 gamestop giftcard, Second place wins $10, and third place gets a Tshirt.

DDR will be our usual 2-dance qualifiers and top players moving on to elimination as time allows. First prize: $30 to gamestop, Second prize: $20 to gamestop, Adult/Child prize: $10 to target.

Any other questions? Let's hear it!


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I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

I'm curious is to what "Dual" is...On the player profiles, there is a new game called Dual.

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yeah im just glad i beat monkeyloser

chris do you want to come over tomorow

the grands scoring wasnt too high since i can almost guarentee id b in first right now if i had come to the november tournament, and it doesnt really matter since you should know by now if you're really good or not, and if you should have "been able 2 make it," just you were really unlucky or sumthing
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Dual is grand wins

If you think the 5000 point bonus is too much, Bad Driver, check out the 2005 Grands. Duck racked up 15325 points in the root beer tapper semifinals and a 50,000 point bonus for winning the whole enchilada. Almost 220,000 points were awarded total (compared to 46,160 this year). I think that given the relative irrelevance of the end-of-season point bonuses, 5000 for the champ is pretty fair. Besides, the bonuses were announced in the GC details post, and nobody had any problem with them then... Like a Hawaiian shirt, I guess they don't look so bad until you see them on someone else, huh? Heh heh.

Besides, if you had taped it, it would have been Turtle Clan who got that Million. =)

I think i should get that million because im indian

and i will split it with Arjan and Sravan =o

Yes but whoever won was almost guranteed to take number one beceause that number is almost as much as #1 had and add in the points the get for every match and they can easily match #1 and assuming they have been to a few tourtaments and have a decenr ranking they wil get #1

i have a question..whats good about being ranked #1? do u get to be in the final of the championship the following year, or is it for bragging rights

Bragging rights, I suppose.
I'll sell my DS for anything better than Gamestop and I'll even throw in some games...but the touch screen isn't in the best condition.

how much does gamestop buy them for?

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I will sell my NDS as well...with games...

:) I accept gamestop giftcards/cash. Preferably cash. But GS giftcards work too.

Arjan, then we can teach each other :o

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There was a recall on the straps and you can get replacements for free I believe.

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Gee, FJW, maybe on I know it's crazy, but the wrist strap replacement might just be right there on the front page! Weird, huh? =)

Ah, Eli. The pinnacle of sarcasm.

Also, I think everyone should go out right now and get a copy of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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