Tournament Weekend: Monkey Ball, DDR, and the Grand Championships!

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This weekend, we'll have three videogame tournaments at the Downtown Library, with something for everyone, including food and prizes. First, we'll have an All-Ages Super Monkey Ball Tournament, Friday Night, 12/15, from 6-8:30 PM. Come play Super Monkey Ball, Monkey Target, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Dogfight, and even try your hand at Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz on the one and only Nintendo Wii! Read on for full details about the Monkey Ball event.

Then, on Saturday, 12/16, it's the biggest gaming event in town; the 2006 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Grand Championships! The event starts at noon, with the Clan Cup for the top 8 clans from the regular season. Then we'll have the Wildcard Tournament for players in grades 6-12 who are new or didn't finish the season in the top 64. 8 wildcards will join the top players in the Grand Championship itself, with First Prize: a Nintendo Wii, Second Prize: a 2gb iPod Nano, and Third Prize: A Nintendo DS! It all comes down to this, have you got what it takes? This event will be broadcast live on CTN Channel 18, so a signed release form is required. Preregister before you come, and you can use self checkin and skip the line!

Finally, we'll wrap up the weekend with an All-Ages Dance Dance Revolution Tournament, Sunday, 12/17, from 1-4 PM. Prizes for the two best standard/heavy players, and for the best adult/child team! All events in the Multipurpose Room at the Downtown Library. Plus, stay tuned for Pokémon and DS Fest events during Winter Break!

OK, if you've got questions about the structure or schedule of the 2006 Grand Championships, they may be answered in this thread, and I'll still be answering questions there.

The Monkey Ball Event will have each player compete in each of 6 game modes:

Super Monkey Ball Main Game, Beginner Stages, 3 Lives
Super Monkey Ball 2 Main Game, Beginner Stages, 3 Lives
Monkey Target 2, 2 Monkey Balls, 6 Rounds, Items On
Monkey Dogfight, 3 minute Round
Monkey Bowling Normal, 10 Frames
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: Alien Spaceship Landing, 3 attempts.

We'll take your score from each of those 6 games and total it up. After everyone has had a chance to play all 6 games, we'll take the highest total scorers and they will face off in a series of elimination rounds including monkey fight, monkey race, and monkey target. It will be monkeytastic. First place wins a $20 gamestop giftcard, Second place wins $10, and third place gets a Tshirt.

DDR will be our usual 2-dance qualifiers and top players moving on to elimination as time allows. First prize: $30 to gamestop, Second prize: $20 to gamestop, Adult/Child prize: $10 to target.

Any other questions? Let's hear it!


Im goin to watch some snl

And for the grand finals it'd not be a bad idea to give top 24 on the leaderboard entrance, and 8 wildcard entries.

So top 32 makes 8 pods of 4 (and you can do 3stock 4minute here), to get 35 minutes, then down to 16 players and so on and so forth.

jk, another hour, darn clocks!!, but I wouldnt give so many wilcard spots, it would make 1/4 players a wildcard

I think wildcards are just as valuable as regularcards (haha).

And just make it two tournaments (one smash, one mkdd) with top 4 cumulative scores making it to the final round and round robinning Smash and Kart to give the cumulative best a win.

i concur with changing stock and time with the top 32, because it would be hard for a good player to be out by then

I dont know about the top scores thing, it would take the luck away from it

What do you mean?

to lain, on that Yoshi Story thing, i thought you said you didnt like the stage, so i was like "SO YOU WANNA CHANGE", it wasnt until after the match that i realized that wasnt what you said, im sorry about that, and hey, teaming only works if you have people that will team with you, you just need support people, that was really the only way to win the grands this year. if you have people that will help you win the wii, you will win the wii, and the person that the most people helped this year happened to be me (even in the final race, my thanks go out to John and Doomblaze, for not firing a blue shell at me in the entire final round, becuase my house is sweet, and they thought that i should get the wii)

and yes, i am a lot worse than Pwnerer and the Roysters at smash, but i would own them in kart, but i won cause i had support, and they didnt, simple as that, if everyone at the grands really played every man for themselves, than a royster would obviously have won, but in almost every match, there was some extent of teaming, so no one here can complain about that

as to cisco, you should have beaten us, Omega won both of the matches that we 3v1'd him in, he beat me both times in sudden death

but ive been playing my wii, and its pretty sweet, but does anyone know why the news and forecast channels arent working, i just downloaded all the Wii updates, but it still says i need an update, but when i go to update, it says im fully updated. and btw, does anyone know when Gamestop will restock on wii accesories/games etc?

congrations to everyone who played this season, and especially to the Roysters, and if you truly are going to leave WAH, best of luck to you

in the mean time, WAH needs to rebuild, anyone in? (*cough*D-rex*cough*Johninabox*cough*)

P.S. Omega is a freshman, and Oroachimaru is a sophmore (they look pretty big for their age, eh?)

nevermind, I actually agree

hahaha that was a big $%# post hahaha

mike, I want to play your wii, I am going to your house now


cisco, sounds good. It sounds a little boring in smash but way better than this past tournament, it would be a lot more fare

wow. you raise a fair point FJW. : )

i guess ideally, it should be every (wo)man for themselves. but eh. this isn't exactly a utopian society.

and pwnerer. that's the best idea i've ever heard for this tournament. kudos to you.

would we randomly choose which 4 players go where?

to me the wildcards dont really diserve to be there in the first place because they need to earn their spot. But for purposes of cases like aeikem (Takeshi), (and I probabally spelled his handle completely wrong) we should have wildcards.

People who aren't in the top 24 should come and show themselves worthy, and they can join the wildcard if they really want to.

The four or eight players would be randomly chosen, making alterations as necessary so that no more than two members of the same clan would be in the same pod.

my aim is sdmsaa...we're kinda making this a long read for everyone...

Mike, you won because you have sweet ancient chineese mindgames that only work against white and indian people, jk, but you did win because you know how to talk people into being on your side.


eli, someone changed my name can you switch it back?

hey this is Chris, who won the wii?_______________________________________________________________________________
wow you don't wavecancelshinedashshortLtechfastfalldancehogedgeguardhop.... you suck!

I haven't been on this site 4 eva!

I'm so mad, I came to the tournemant at 12:30 and they said it was too late to register for the tournemant (not wildcard) which starts at 2ish! O well i got pizza. Riley u did tell me so lol. _______________________________________________________________________________
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I love comma, right john e. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

I originally had much more to say but due to time constraints, I'll cover ony one part of what I was going to say.

To swain: When you post a comment, there is a link below your post that says edit. Instead of creating multiple posts, click this link and you will be able to edit your most recent post. Please use this function instead of creating another post altogether. This will help lower the amount of space taken up in the forums and also decrease the amount of posts and make it easier to read.
Please reply back to this post if you have difficulty doing this.

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my strategy for next season, not in a clan, get 5 points by getting 8th in a team kart game and leave, own wildcard and win the grand tournemant!!! So next year the guy in last place on the leader board will be me. lol _______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

whats up with the spacing from me? O and i love comma! lol Riley _______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

just released, the official release for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is June 1st, 2007.

here is the link, its the gamestop search page, and on the bottom it says that it ships on this date, the cover looks lame.
i personally prefer summer releases to holiday ones because i can get the game, then get good at it over the summer

the solution to teaming up and calborating is switching to time i know you "pros" wont like this but it is a fair way because it makes camping realtively useless and makes teaming up much more difficult. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

That's not official, it's just Gamestop's speculation.

Time is a terrible idea. It's basically like making people let other people fight until someone's at high percentage then jump in and try to get a kill. FFA is flawed from the very fact that it's FFA. And you can definitely team up on someone in time because each kill you get on someone gives a -1 to their score. The fair(er) part of time is that at least the person that's alone only has to get as many kills as the number of times he's killed to balance things out.

But camping and teaming up are still possibilities in time. Just letting you know. Camping is indeed less effective, but teaming up is still completely possible.

yay i got a wii by camping at best buy last night!
best buy said that brawl was coming out in march. I doubted them but they sounded rather confident bout their info. Time is a really bad idea becasue you can just suicide and whoevers trying 2 kill u wont get +1, and last time i checked nobody really liked it or played it except when they forgot 2 swich the settings
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

When you suicide, you get -1 though so it's still a loss if you suicide in time

No, Doomblaze is right.

EDIT: Well you're both right but Doomblaze has the right idea because if I suicide at 140% intentionally then I basically shaved a point off of my opponent's score.

so what exactly happened after i left, which would be at the round of 8. And what did fjw do that makes him "undeserving" of the wii???

FJW winning isn't a surprise for me, though some other things surprised me

-Omega got 3 v 1'd twice and won both times???? lol
-Pocket rockets winnning the clan cup
-Me getting 15th place overall
-My younger brother getting 16th place overall coming from the wildcard. (he was the one that finished backwards in bowser castle during a mkdd wildcard race)
-Me beating omega 1 v 1, that must have been my greatest victory/match yet

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

no, omega got 1st and 2nd I think
Random Fact: Oroachimaru is spelled wrong, the first "a" shouldn't be there....



nope, omega won both the final round melee matches, but i got second in both of those, then i won both of the mario kart races, which omega getting third both times, making me the winner by 40 points

I'll have a full post up monday, but in the meantime I hope you guys will all bring these ideas to the planning meeting Saturday 2/10 at pitts branch. We'll need to discuss these issues and make some changes for next season...

but in the meantime, I really hate to ask this, but did anyone tape the tournament? We had a 'mishap' and our recording is missing sound for the second half of the tournament. =( Let me know if anybody's family has a tape, it could save the day.

You guys should put up videos for the finals

Sorry about the audio :(

I was going to tape it but....i didnt feel like setting it up:(. So for DS what are some good games that can last me an upcoming road trip. Im thinking animal crossing,Mariokart and one of the mario games like super mario bros. Any suggestions?

Oh when are the DS fests and what excactly are they?

Wow the Pitts branch that means I can walk over.

You've got to be joking, Eli. I was thinking of telling my Grandparents to record it, like I always try to do, on a DVD but didn't because I didn't know when it was starting.
Good DS games if anyone is curious:
New Super Mario Bros., Elite Beat Agents, Tetris DS, Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Mario 64 DS, and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

I don't know if anyone saw this but this is what my altered ruleset for Smash at the library was:

This is what I'm thinking:

I know you guys love FFA, but in the end it made for a bad system, so here's mine:

64 person tournament, 2 hours.

You guys have eight setups, filled with SSBM, right?

Take groups of 4 at each system (32 people) and have them play each other all 1v1 2stock 3 minute. 6 matches times 3 minutes plus all the inbetween stuff = 25 minutes.

1st place = 100
2nd place = 0

Do this twice and you slice the top 2 off of each pod (55 minutes). You have 32 players. Repeat this process (25 minutes + 55 minutes + junk = 150 minutes) and take the top players from each pod and you have 8 players. Have them all 1v1 at random, (5 minutes) then you're down to four players who again play each other one last time (25 minutes) and you get about 2 hours. Now, if you start the tournament at 12:00, then it should take until about 2:00 to do singles, and teams should be twice as fast due to half the number of people.

If you could end at 6:00 then it would work out great.

Actually, you could save even more time by putting 8 players in each pod (28 matches times 3 minutes + 5) = 1:30 or so. Then shave the top 2 from each and make them play 1v1 (5 minutes or so) and finally top 8 (five minutes) top 4 rr (25 minutes) to make 2:05. It's a good system I think. Also, it lets inexperienced players get far more matches than they otherwise might (7 matches).

Give me some feedback!

Pwnerer we saw it, we are just waiting for the planning meeting to discuss everything. As I can see you really want to talk about melee rules so figure out exactly what would fix it and present it there.

Ok so i am leaning toward getting the following ds games mario kart,advance wars and than either animal crossing or new super mario bors or super mario 64 ds any suggestions?


If you like animal crossing, the DS version is great and offers some nice enhancements. If I were you, Bad Driver, I would give some serious consideration to Star Fox Command. It's a fantastic game with lots of single-player replay value (I still haven't opened all the missions), online play, and single-kart local wireless play. It's in my DS more than any other title, even months and months after launch. If you are considering New super Mario or Mario 64 DS, I'd probably give the edge to New Super Mario Bros because the control is flawless. Mario 64 just doesn't handle quite right, especially if you played it on N64. Plus, they both have the same mini-games, but there's better multiplayer options in New Super Mario Bros.

FJW, the weather channel starts 12/20, and the news channel doesn't start until 1/27. There are new VC games in the wii shop every monday, though. Congrats and enjoy!

lol, the fitness test on Wii Sports said i was 49 years old, and it said that Johninabox was SIXTY NINE YEARS OLD, LOL, grandma

ok, so i have $120 dollars in Gamestop giftcards, anyone have any suggetions as to how to spend them to trick out my Wii (I have an HDTV, should i get the compenent cable to get 480p?)

yes,its only $20 so youd still have $100 left which would give you about enough for two games

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

i think it is 29.99 for the official nintendo one, and i usually like the official nintendo stuff, cause my experiences with third party accesories has generally been bad

im think of getting and extra wiimote and an extra nunchuck, then im gonna get madden 07 or zelda, or i might wait for wario ware, hm, this is hard, there are so many sweet games for the wii.

im definitely getting SSBB the day it comes out though, and i will also get Mario kart for the wii the day it comes out too, whenever that is.

Thanks eli. Is the super mario 64 the excat same levels? This should hlp a lot hopefully i can get it by monday

i think some of the levels are slightly modified because there were 120 stars in the old one, while there are 150 stars in the one for the DS

ok mike, 1st give the $120 dollars to me, 2nd give the wii to me, 3rd give your tv to me

get marvel ultimate alliance, and COD 3


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

in mario 64 ds there r more stars, more levels, and you can use wario luigi mario and yoshi instead of just mario. the non new levels are i believe the same as the 1 4 the 64.
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

there are the new levels where you have the unlock the new characters

and there are mini-games o.o
Mike- GET ZELDA!!!
I never played a Zelda game before and I can't stop playing this one...
Good luck getting a nunchuck, my brother still can't find one.

chris stop messing with my account its connected to my dads too and he is really pissed at you and i am too

Good News Eli! I have personally taped the tornament. How would you like me to get it to you? Bring it to the DS fest? Also I request that you either delete or make the troll's posts somewhat smaller.

To Bad Driver:
Of those games that you are leaning to, I suggest that you get Animal Crossing. I knew that from the moment that I got my DS that I wouldnt go back to the one game that stole away my life for the gamecube. Eventually, I gave into curiosity and bought Animal Crossing. The first two months, I did nothing but play Animal Crossing, so I suggest this game to you if it is "for a very long car ride" as you said.

To Matt:
Shhhh! You must keep hush-hush about the Supercard. Putting a whole post regarding a Supercard isn't very smart, especially when those you are talking to know where you live. O_o Have you thought of the idea that it isn't really.....'

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E.B.D. i enjoyed it much for the game cube i am just afraid this one will be identicl and get repetive

Riley i didn't mess w/ ur account... why would i want to? Maybe Julian... well you told him your password. lol remember comma that was SO funny. How come you were'nt at school today Riley? _______________________________________________________________________________
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I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

wait so did FJW win the wii? how is it? I want to get 1 but can't afford it. lol, right Riley? _______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

yeah i did, and its pretty sweet, a whole bunch of people have tried it at my house, i now have 2 wiimotes and one nunchuck and i still need to decide what else i wanna get

wait, is the year still 2001?, comma I want to smack you

why? _______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

just read the previous posts, and you will realize FJW won

but i can't read =( _______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!
EBD- It's not illegal, it's just semi-legal


mine is:

2293 5051 6765 8622

here is mine
5581 0296 6742 1930

I love how matt posts comments that like only he or mabye one other person can understand

sry chris i thought it was you and yea lol i was sick again

i might be getting a wii for christmas but i dont think my parents are aware of the current shortage

I already have a wii so I got (and yes already have) an ipod video for christmas. Riley next time don't jump to conclusions lol jp. _______________________________________________________________________________
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I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

i think you mean jk or maybe you were talking about "juicy pears"

chris how come you wouldnt talk to me when i called you at johns

i think he means "just playing"

our familyy is so bad at christmas were getting our tree tomorrow

riley you dont own a gc?????

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Ok so i was going to get a DS i had already called EB and asked about everything and they said they had used DS's in stock i call them again about half hour later to make sure same response than when i drive ll the way across town the guys says he can't sell them because they dont have the cable. Apparently a trainee or something awnsere my call and had no idea he just saw a ds. The manager started banging his head on the cash register.
So regardless of the story does anyone have a DS they would be willing to sell i would prefer to pay in Game stop gift cards. I didnt think getting a used one would be some hard :(

Riley jp stands for just playing (as fjw said) and at least ur getting a tree, my family isn't cuz we'll be in NY fo Christmas. _______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

EBD! You saved the day! ONE MILLION POINTS for the Vaccinated Monks! Just bring it to the DS fest next week, please, and thank you so much!

(the one million points are sadly temporary.)

I'm working on the writeup now, guys... all final bonuses have been awarded. Stay tuned.

omg i hate this weird spacing_______________________________________________________________________________
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

yay, i have the most points, but lol on the 1000000 points to vaccinated monks, they deserve it

The grands scoring is way 2 high. 5000 for winning especially since the tourtament was all about teaming up and conspiracy agnaist people.

wow i only moved from 26th to 31st for not going to the last tournemant. but now im not in the top 30.
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

The weird spacing is you own fault because you don't put the stupid ____________________________ on another line. When something long is placed at the end of a sentence and is forced onto another line it drags out the spacing.

Ahh it's good to have the VMC back on top points wise, thanks EBD. The supercard is not illegal, just what you download isn't always legal in some courts.

20th place and not playing mario kart.........not bad

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

I got 5th but moved down 2 spots...

I won all of my kart matches except for 1 second and 1 third

The Gamestop on Wastenaw (near Barnes & Noble) carrys used NDS'. Actually, they have sevral. I'm not too sure about DS Lite's though.

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this better? okay thx
Violence is not the answer, it is the question and the answer is yes! ~Nathan

I love comma, right john. LMFAO best inside joke EVER!

they had them sunday but now they are sold out:( thank you though