National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month! Which means it’s time to dust off those knitting needles, bust out the sewing machine, grab the fabric, glue, ribbon, scissors, paint, and paper, and get making! It could be something big, something small, something quick, or something that will take a year to complete. It doesn’t matter, as long as those brains are thinking and those fingers are creating. Does that bookshelf need repainted? Does your bathroom need new curtains? Now is the time! Need ideas for new project? Check out CraftZine online (an amazing resource, former print magazine, and the sister of Make magazine), or try the Maker Shed, if you’re more into gadgets. There are also MANY books available at AADL with craft ideas, ideas for craft gatherings, and craft business related books. A few of my recent faves are One Yard Wonders and Handmade Nation.

Happy crafting!
National Craft MonthNational Craft Month


I never knew that March was National Craft Month!